The Gift-Giving Saga

The Gifts that Keep on Giving…

The gift-giving holidays are quickly approaching and I have gone several years without giving extended family any presents. Though this is mostly due to financial constraints, since as Artscrapers we don’t even have money for art much less presents for extended family, it is also due to my lack of discipline. I have promised presents in the form of artwork, but have never seemed to have the time to set aside to begin such projects. I want to change that this year and use the resources I do have to MAKE presents for my friends and family.


I thought about taking a hiatus from the website during this process, but I thought it would be much more beneficial for you guys to record my entire process from beginning to end. These are not commissions or orders, but artwork based of what I know the receivers would want. I have asked them before, “If you were able to get a painting, what would you want the subject to be?”

During this gift-giving saga of my life, you will see the brainstorming and planning, collecting and prepping, and project creation for each project. I am super excited to have you guys for accountability! I am also super excited to have you join me.


The people I love have interests ranging from classical to modern style art as well as interests from horses to Broadway plays. This is going to be quite a spread so get your thinking caps on and let’s get to planning!


Please feel free to join me on this journey of creating your own artwork for your family and friends in this time. Watching these posts over the next few months may help you hone your own skills of creating original artwork from beginning to end. You don’t have to follow my exact process. I tend to be very systematic in my planning and technique and many of you may feel constrained working that way. All the same, I hope you can take something to heart to assist you.


The caveat to all of this is that the whole process for me is not glamorous.

There are always lots of mistakes and many times I start over because I am not satisfied. I cannot gift something unless I feel like I would want to hang it on the wall myself and I know this is a serious hang-up.

During the process I always have to remember that these people love me and I am doing my very best work for them. Whether they choose to hang it up in the living room or not, I know that will never be a reflection of my worth to them. That being said, and I’m preaching to the choir here, don’t be scared to give a piece of artwork. You can always say, “This is precious because its one of my first”, which indeed is VERY precious.


I will not hide anything from you. The best way to learn to create is to create. Practice makes progress and progress is a beautiful timeline that you can look back on and be proud!


Be on the lookout for my next post where I will begin the first journey!



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